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Category Archives: Graphic Cards

Colorful 9800GTX+ Twin Turbo 512MB Graphic Card Review

With the ATi’s strong comeback with the HD4850 GPU, nVidia also made an attempt with the 9800GTX+.

Today, our contender from nVidia’s camp is the Colorful 9800GTX+ Twin Turbo 512MB.

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Sapphire ATi Sapphire HD4670 512MB DDR3 Graphic Card Review

One of the most talked about GPU – the HD4670! Today we have the Sapphire’s version to show us what it can do.

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Gainward ATi Radeon HD4870 512MB DDR5 Golden Sample Graphic Card Review

Wow, when was the last time we had a product review? 🙂 So many events to attend recently, anyway today we have the HD4870 GS from Gainward. Let’s move on for the review!

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Gainward Bliss 9600GT 1024MB

Today, we have with us 2 units of 9800GT from Gainward. First is the pre-overclocked 1024MB RAM Golden Sample version while the other is the plain 9800GT 512MB running at reference speed.


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