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Category Archives: Websites & Blogging

The Overrated Google PageRank

Google PageRank, such words either mean something to you or mean nothing.

While the general public doesn’t even care, and mostly don’t even know about Google’s PageRank – there’s ONE group of people who are almost always obsessed with PageRank and they are the blogger community.

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Contents Prepared for Busy Times - Do You Have Them?

I thought this would be a really good time for an article like this. 🙂

I had a really long week, work occupied my weekdays while I spent the weekend as a photographer covering the wedding of a VERY IMPORTANT friend of mine (Congratulations to Raysonick! Manager and co-founder of the paintball team I’m in.) and also preparing presentation slideshows for the wedding dinner, 2 slideshows with over 400 photos.

I really wish I had contents ready for publication. 😦

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How Often Should I Post On My Blog?

Quite often people have no idea how often should they update their blog.

I’ve come by people who post 3 or more articles on daily basis and others who update like only once a fortnight – so which is the correct way to do it?

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A List of Ad Networks for Your Blog

People have quite often ask me – “which ad should I put on my blog?”

Seemingly an easy question but it’s a question with no perfect or absolute answer.

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Google Analytics - Know Your Site

Among the many things that one could embed on their website(s), I personally think that Google Analytics is one that no webmaster or site owner should ignore.


It’s not uncommon to come by people saying “Yeah man! Blogging can make money! Start a blog la, can make money.” and after that they’ll talk about Adsense and whatever else that’s able to help a website owners make some moolah.

Many were inspired by such statements but without proper guidance, they end up making mistakes that hampers their blog’s progress. In this article, I will explore what I think are the 3 common mistakes newbie bloggers make. (Oh hey, it rhymes! La la la la…….. 8) )

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Yay! Here’s another plug-in for WordPress blog-engine created by yours truly!

🙂 It works like the previous one but for a different purpose

The Random Posts Plug-in chooses a fixed number of links from your posts at random and displays them.

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