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Affordable PCs with Intel's Jom Jimat @

Intel had a press conference and launch of their partnership with to enable end-users to purchase Intel-powered PCs at aggregated and lower prices.

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Colorful 9800GTX+ Twin Turbo 512MB Graphic Card Review

With the ATi’s strong comeback with the HD4850 GPU, nVidia also made an attempt with the 9800GTX+.

Today, our contender from nVidia’s camp is the Colorful 9800GTX+ Twin Turbo 512MB.

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Careful Practice Curbs E-mail Spam?

Through the years of internet progress, the use of E-mail that once was luxury is now not just a necessary but it has come to a point where it’s used so casually that people are now careless and couldn’t care less on the ripple resulted.

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Red Alert 3 - Game Review

The 3rd among the Command & Conquer’s Red Alert series. The last Red Alert installment was released in year 2000. Both Red Alert and Red Alert 2 were a hit, and as far as I’m concerned – Red Alert 3 is yet another hit!

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Sony VAIO CS Official Launch

Notebook and the beach? Does it even make sense? I don’t know but Sony sure made the launch really different by having organized the event for an afternoon of fun!

Sony’s event for the day was the Wave Party, held at Sunway Lagoon’s Surf Beach, 29th November 2008. The Wave Party started in the afternoon, at around 1:30PM while the VAIO CS Official Launch session was slated to be in the evening at around 7:00PM, which was towards the end of the Wave Party.

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Official Launch of PLEO - The Robotic Wonder Pet

PLEO was launched earlier this week here in Kuala Lumpur, specifically on 24th November 2008, at the Westin KL’s Grand Ballroom.

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Launch of Intel Core i7 Processor

The long wait has finally come to an end, the Nehalem processor is released and the kind folks from Intel Malaysia were kind enough to invite us to the launch event, held on 20th November 2008.

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Nokia Ovi Insider Night

The Nokia Ovi Insider Night – an event was held last week, 12th November 2008 at Izzi’s Pizza, Damansara Uptown branch with the sole purpose of letting us bloggers have an insight on this new service from Nokia called OVI.

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Contents Prepared for Busy Times - Do You Have Them?

I thought this would be a really good time for an article like this. 🙂

I had a really long week, work occupied my weekdays while I spent the weekend as a photographer covering the wedding of a VERY IMPORTANT friend of mine (Congratulations to Raysonick! Manager and co-founder of the paintball team I’m in.) and also preparing presentation slideshows for the wedding dinner, 2 slideshows with over 400 photos.

I really wish I had contents ready for publication. 😦

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How Often Should I Post On My Blog?

Quite often people have no idea how often should they update their blog.

I’ve come by people who post 3 or more articles on daily basis and others who update like only once a fortnight – so which is the correct way to do it?

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